6 Design Principles To Build Your Sign Around

Every sign has a goal.

Custom Real estate for sale signs, open house signs, custom yard signs, banners, truck door magnetic signage-they all have goals.

The goal may not always be what’s achieved, but the sign has a goal.

How can you guarantee your sign achieves the right goal?

That’s easy.

You start with proper sign strategy. Then you build the sign around 6 key design principles.

Developing Proper Sign Strategy

It’s often hard translating a visual idea into a sign. That’s where your design strategy comes in. To develop a good sign strategy, ask yourself three questions:

  1. What are you trying to do?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. What’s the signage key goal?

These questions may seem rather simple. But answering them is the key to developing a proper sign strategy.

Once you’ve developed your strategy, apply the following 6 design principles to create a sign that makes people stop and act.

Six Design Principles

When designing your sign keep these 6 principles in mind no matter what your goal:

  • Size matters when it comes to signage. If it’s too big, it can overpower people. If it’s too small, it can “underwhelm” people. Give your sign the proper size.
  • Your real estate for sale signage must say something. But it can’t say too much. The fewer words the better, with 3 to 5 words the key to readability.
  • Use adjectives that reflect your goal. Then pick a typeface that fits the occasion. Once the font is selected check everything-spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.
  • Watch your images. Designers often use logos, pictures, and illustrations at the expense of good sign design. Images can elevate a boring design but only when used effectively.
  • White space is critical to good real estate sign design. The right amount of white space contributes to quick readability. Leave 30 or 40 percent of your sign white space.
  • Color is critical. It keys memory recall. It stimulates the sense. And it conveys a message like nothing else. But it isn’t easy to select. Choose colors carefully when designing your custom estate for sale sign. Make sure they’re appropriate for your message.

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