3 Ways to Expand Your Networks

Networking is more than just going to functions. It is about building relationships and developing a viable network. Your network should consist of trusted advisors and colleagues who are instrumental in your networking success. They should be like minded and share similar values and ethics. In order to properly establish this type of network, time, energy and effort are required.

Listed below are effective ways of growing strong, meaningful and productive associations.

Get Involved

A great way to expand your reach is to be a member of formalized groups and organizations. Whether you are a student, working professional, entrepreneur or in transition, connecting with formal group has its benefits. First and foremost, it is a strategic move that can open doors of opportunities. Also, it allows you to get into the routine of attending events and engaging with others. Secondly, it can offer advancement in career, professional and academic endeavors. The investment and commitment to learning can increase your credibility and exposure.

Get Knowledgeable

Be focused on continuing education and learning about your field, expertise, industry etc. Gaining information can make you a very savvy networker which can in turn expand your contact list. Read blogs and other digital and print publications. Join online communities or forums to find out the latest trends and technology. Tap into your existing networks for referrals and leads for resource sharing.

Get Creative

Think outside of the box in regards to developing an efficient system. Create unique ways of connecting with people, diversifying your contacts and staying consistent in your goals. Consider making ways of introducing individuals in your group and vice versa. Take advantage of merging and overlapping business and social ties.

Use these practical tips to enhance your objectives for building success. Be intentional about making quality approaches which benefit your networking agenda.

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