IT Related Businesses To Change Their Company Logo

With advancements in technology, consumer view points and thinking perspectives are altering at breakneck speed. With this rapid transformation in the IT sector, the future for IT related firms and startups surely look promising.

However, in view of this thought, is it the need of the hour for such organizations to rebrand themselves by changing their company logo?

Giving a completely new look or changing the company logo of your organization can be a frightening task to undertake. However, if done appropriately, there is a high probability of it delivering significant benefits to your IT business. Since technology is continuously evolving, it would only make sense for the companies operating in the industry to adapt as well. Changing the outlook of your organization through the one thing which makes it stand out in the industry, ‘the company logo’, will breathe new life into the business and give it a more ‘modern’ look. An important aspect which needs to be understood here is that, this process will require clear focus, a creative vision and most importantly, the right reasons to adopt a new company logo and let go off the old one.

Unless your business has been operating from a cave, it is impossible for your organization not to witness the massive strides in the IT sector. These strides have brought about a significant impact over time as most of the world’s leading IT companies have changed their logos in order to meet the demand of the hour.


Establishing its roots in 1888, IBM started off as International Time Recording Company (ITR) which used to manufacture and sell mechanical time recorders. In 1911, ITR merged with Computing Tabulating Recording Company (CTR). Due to the merger, the initials of both businesses were merged into one to serve as the company logo.

Later, in 1924, the business changed its name to International Business Machines Corporation, most famously known as IBM today and the logo altered accordingly. In order to adapt and move ahead with the need of the hour, the logo of the organization was transformed and it depicted a globe in the form of typography stating ‘International Business Machines’. However after some time, the organization dropped the illustration of the globe and reduced the logo just to its initials as ‘IBM’ in a more subtle solid font. The last modification in the logo was to add stripes to the initials to give away the impression of dynamism and speed to its audiences.

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