The Trump Way No Apologies

Today, we are seeing many Republican members of Congress spawn open aggression by ignoring the rule of law. The rule of law by their blatant refusal to accept our democratic process could very well engulf the United States into yet another civil war. The consequences of their actions show that they have unilaterally dragged the United States down into the swamp that is filled with treacherous undertows that could very well sink America. This raises concerning questions at a time when this nation is engulfed in a quagmire of unsettling contingencies regarding how to eradicate the Pandemic that has caused so much devastation all across the country.

When the country and the rest of the world is reeling from a health crisis of unparalleled suffering all of our focus should be on eradication of this deadly disease and yet some of our most esteemed Republican members of Congress are outright committing crimes against our democratic principles. This brings into focus how dysfunctional our government has become. Too many Republicans and Democrats not only have ignored the plight of millions due to the Pandemic but, even before this health crisis hit too many Americans were existing one paycheck away from disaster. And, now a group of Republicans have the utter audacity to refute the election process. This is only exasperating the existing tensions that exist today.

The past four years of the Trump Presidency has been played out like a very bad soap opera. The tirades, the utter bravado of baseless claims and the sheer volume of outright distortions have made the public totally aware the dangers of his actions have brought unto our democracy. The pitfalls that have occurred now when other republican congressmen don’t want to see the tragedies that this President has done and will continue to do if we allow Trump to continue.

What brings to mind ever since day one of Trump’s Presidency there has always been a conflict of interest by Trump that should have never have been allowed in the first place. Yet, the Republican party is mostly to blame for allowing Trump to get away with murder as the say. If today certain members of the Republican Party follow through on their resolve to contest the Presidential election we should recall that the same amount of damage was done to our political process by what the DNC did in 2016 and again in 2020. The out cry from the public following the DNC’s tampering with the primaries received little attention to overturn the results. Now, when the Republicans and Trump claim voter fraud or tampering with the electoral process the outcries are intensified by the media’s, Trump’s rhetoric and certain members of the Republican party.

If what the DNC did to Senator Sanders candidacy in 2016 and again in 2020 and compare that to the insistence of what Trump is crying about just maybe there could be some reasonable doubt even though there is real no concrete evidence that the results of this past Presidential election were tampered with. This brings us to remember the very close election between Nixon and Kennedy back in 1960. Vice President Nixon very graciously accepted the results even though the final tally was of the almost to close to call. Then take Senator Sanders who in 2016 and again in 2020 was also very gracious in accepting the results of the primaries even though there was sufficient evidence that the DNC purposely denied the Senator from securing the needed ballots for the Democratic nomination.

Now, we are dealing with Trump and his monstrous ego who just won’t accept the final tally of this past Presidential election. If Trump had not been so antagonistic toward his handling of his term in the White House the media and many of his current supporters just might accept the fact that he could be right all along. Maybe in about 20 years or so as we look back historians just might finally realize that the Presidential elections of 2016 and 2020 were one of the most corrupt elections in our history. There was a movie with Robin Williams called “The Man of The Year” that depicted the voting machines were preprogrammed for a particular candidate. It is quite fathomable that voting machines can be rigged and that old saying about leaders being chosen just might hold true.

It is a sad day in our society when we allowed certain members of our government to circumvent the rule of law to obtain a clear advantage to overturn election results. And, yet the possibilities are there that could suggest the United States will be now encased in obstructive government from now on. The direct consequences of what elected officials continue to do and be allowed to do will slowly dissolve the democratic process that was the bedrock of our founding..

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