The Right Tennis Shoes – An Important Selection

Tennis shoes provide the much needed support and protection to the feet of players and as such the performance of the players is greatly affected by the quality of footwear they are wearing. Keeping with this, the tennis shoes are designed with a view to provide maximum comfort to the players. Tennis shoes are made with reinforced toe and heel pads as these areas are most prone to wear and tear during their use in the ground.

Selection of the right tennis shoes is a very important consideration for a tennis player. The criterion of selection depends upon various things such as the type of feet of the player, the kind of surface on which he is going to play, proper fit of the shoes and so on.

Some people`s feet are prone to blisters and they must wear proper fitting shoes with thick cushions. A tennis shoe which fits properly across the width of the shoe is best for players. If the body built is stronger and big then they must opt for heavier type of shoes. Players who want enhanced foot spread and agility however prefers very light weight tennis shoes.

While playing on hard court surfaces, it is recommended to use durable and resistant to wear tennis shoes as hard courts are bound to damage the tread of the sole of the tennis shoes. This makes the shoes to slip and loss in traction. On hard surfaces the shoes need to provide extra protection to the toes as they are bound to dragging while playing and the hard court may injure the toes.

One who plays on soft courts, durability is not of much consideration for them. A good traction and comfort are of utmost importance for players who play on clay courts. A flat and smooth sole is preferred for playing on soft courts. One must also see that there are no knobs and bumps on the soles of tennis shoes as they are bound to damage the soft tennis courts.

Although tennis shoes are available in different shapes and styles, a player can also opt for custom made shoes in case he is not satisfied with the fit and comfort of the ready made shoes. The custom made shoes can be designed in specifications with the requirements of the player and are little more expensive tan the normal ones.

There are a lot of top brands of tennis shoes which include Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Converse, Lacoste, Brooks, K- Swiss, British Knights etc. While selecting from amongst the popular brands is not an easy task, people must keep in mind that the comfort and fit of the tennis shoe is more important than the brand name.

Some lower end manufacturers` try to attract customers by offering stylish and attractive pair of shoes at low price, a player must select shoes from the well known and top notch manufacturer to avoid any chances of getting cheated. One must not go for the looks and name of the shoe but rather wears them and check their comfort level before buying them. One must not be guided by he stylish look but know he art of selecting a quality pair.

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