2007 Thoughts on Starting a Mobile Auto Detailing Business

Starting a Mobile Auto Detailing Business sounds rather simple, right? You go get yourself a plastic water tank, pressure washer and some supplies and since everyone has a car getting customers ought to be rather easy. In essence this is all true however if you want to be profitable and make the most amount of money it is a little more complicated than that really. Having been in the Mobile Auto Detailing Business for decades we have learned all the secrets to maintaining efficiency and hence we have written them down.

In my many articles on this topic you will find strategies for getting your clientele, enhancing word-of-mouth advertising, acquiring referrals, designing brochures, preventing equipment failure, clustering accounts and working in winter weather. Many of the tips you will find nowhere else, as we have discovered most of these concepts through trial and error and learning the hard way. You should use these articles as a manual and as an exercise in thinking as you prepare your business plan and marketing strategy.

Our company started out as a small company and then grew hiring Independent Contractors operating 53 units in 39 cities. Eventually we broke the company into two different companies and called them The Car Wash Guys and The Detail Guys and Detail Gals . We then franchised these companies in 450 cities, 110 markets, 23-states and 4-countries. Today I am retired and whereas we do not sell these franchises anymore, I wish to depart knowledge to the industry.

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