How to Generate a Sizable Blogging Income in 5 Easy Steps

There are literally many thousands of articles that have been written about how to use your blog (or blogging in general) to generate a sizeable online income. I’m sure you’ve sifted through many of these articles only to end up more confused and perplexed about the topic.

I agree that there are many, many ways to transform a normal bland, boring blog into a money-generating machine. This has led to what I call “information overload” and many people are not coping well with this problem in the Information Age.

For these reasons, I have come up with the 5 features your blog must, and I emphasise the word MUST, have to be able to generate a sizable income. I’ve chosen each of these 5 features based on the following criteria:

– Benefit/effort analysis, the ratio between the benefit and the effort needed to apply this feature. This means that a feature with huge benefits and little effort will certainly get a bigger mention than one with less benefit and greater effort
– Reading thousands of articles on the topic from experienced and successful bloggers and searching for common points
– Using the lessons I’ve learnt during my 1 year experience setting up and running my own money-generating blogs

My hope is that this article serves as a starting blueprint for anyone who’s keen on generate a sizable income using blogging. Furthermore, I hope that it provides a good, concise summary of the many thousands of articles out there on the topic and that it does so in a relaxed and easy-to-follow way.

So without further ado, here we go.

Essential Feature No. 1
Google AdSense

If you haven’t heard of Google AdSense, it’s very likely that you’ve seen it on various occasions on the Net without even knowing. Google AdSense are simply Google ads that you see on many sites (including blogs). Now you may be wondering, why do people bother to put Google’s ads on their sites? Why would you want to promote another company’s ads on your blog?

The reason why people (and why YOU should) put Google AdSense on your blog is because Google pays YOU for each click their ad gets on your site. Getting paid for it is a great incentive for using AdSense on your blog, however, there are more benefits:

– The ads are automatically modified to suit the subject of your blog. Once you add the Google AdSense code to your blog, the code automatically scans the subject of your content and only puts ads relevant to your subject. This is great news as it means that there is an even greater chance that your visitors will click on your ads.
– AdSense offers great flexibility as to how your ads appear on your blog. You can choose from tall skyscraper ads to little boxes of ads. In addition, the colour of the text on the ads can be changed to suit the colour scheme of your blog.
– Google AdSense allows you to monitor which ads on which sites (in this case blogs) are generating the most income. This allows you to modify your ads on your sites to maximize revenue.

And the best thing about Google AdSense is that is very easy to set up. All you need to do is sign up at Google AdSense, establish the colour and shape of the ads, choose a channel, grab the code and place it in your preferred place on your blog. If this seems a bit daunting, you can either go to Google and look for instructions or ask me personally.

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