Think Links – A Simple Solution To A Complicated Problem

Having spent endless hours researching the net and reading what feels like every computer geek’s perspective on Google page ranking, search engine optimization and site promotion I have come to the following conclusions:

1. Don’t develop your website to make Google spiders happy, develop your site to make your visitors happy. Why? Because “people” are what will make you successful, not Google spiders that crawl your site. Sure, it’s important to do what you can to improve your site rankings and promotion. But once you have applied the basics of setting up your site, fined tuned your meta and page tags and submitted your site to various search engines and directories, STOP and ask yourself what is the ROI on your time? What are you REALLY getting out of pouring your life away over another promo trick or one more article written by some geek who has little or no ability to relate to the “human side” of the Internet equation? What ever happened to plain old customer service?

2. There are only three (3) possible actions a person can take when they arrive at your site. They can click the back button and go back to Google or some other search engine. They can visit the site and review your offerings or they can click a link and go on to the next site. Out of these three options, the best are “they visit and check out your offering” and they “click and go on to the next site” so that the next business might have an opportunity to make a presentation of their offering. The worst thing a visitor can do is click the back button and go back to Google or some other search engine. Why? Well ask yourself, what has Google or any other search engine done for you lately? Will Google or any other search engine let you advertise for free? Well, when you have done a lot of hard work whether it is writing articles or online and offline advertising to get your visitor to your site, why in the world would you want that person to go to Google for free? I don’t know about you but I would much rather have my visitor come to your site so you have a chance to make a buck in this dog eat dog market.

3. Back to people for a moment–I got news for you, people are SICK of hyper advertising get rich quick crap that promises to show them how to be successful by giving up their email address and other confidential information for another false promise. People don’t buy into that hype. It repels them. It repels me. If you have a viable product or service, put up the best site you can, tone down the hype, get honest and make your site a place people want to visit and bookmark (.) A place that people will visit again and again because of the content of the information on the site that benefits them. If your site has quality information on it people will bookmark it and spread the word to their friends and family. And word of mouth is the most powerful advertising tool you will ever find to promote your site.

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