Xbox Wireless HeadSet: Microsoft dezvaluie noua casca gaming si universala

Compatibila smartphone, tableta, PC si Xbox, noua casca audio de la Microsoft este destinata consolelor Xbox. Insa, se vrea a fi si universala.
A facut obiectul a numeroase zvonuri in ultima perioada iar acum este oficiala. Xbox Wireless HeadSet a fost dezvaluita in mod oficial de Microsoft. Este vorba despre prima casca oficiala conceputa pentru Xbox Series si Xbox Series X, insa nu numai.


Becoming a Blog Commenting Extraordinaire

I’ve been on a blog commenting blitz lately and boy oh boy is it working.

I’ve spent time really putting in the effort to check out other people’s blogs, read their content, and make real genuine comments.

I set aside anywhere from 1-2 hours daily to frequent these blogs and give my input.

Not only have I learned so much through the stories of other bloggers, I genuinely enjoy reading about other people’s tips, successes, and failures with online business.

And even better I have also seen a boost in my daily traffic to my blog.

All through blog commenting.

It’s amazing the results got so far since really going hard to implement this strategy into my daily routine.

If you have a blog or website one of the best ways to increase your traffic should be done through blog commenting.

Experimenting With Blog Commenting

Through different forums I heard a lot of people express how well the strategy works to improve a blog’s performance.

Initially, experimenting with it as a link building tactic on high traffic blogs I began blog commenting mainly for SEO purposes.

On the days I performed these link building tactics I began seeing spikes of traffic to my website.

Not only did my traffic increase, but people were actually commenting on my blog and leaving engaging blog comments.

You see, if you comment on do follow blogs you have to enter your name, email, and website.

When you leave a comment on someone else’s blog it gets linked back to your website.

By leaving quality and engaging comments on the posts people generally want to learn about you and come to check out your blog.

Not only do you borrow other bloggers traffic, you also increase the strength of your blog in the search engines through building quality backlinks.

Blog Commenting With A Purpose

There are many bloggers online who blog just to make money.

They post links for affiliate products all over the web and write inconsistent posts while never taking the time to interact and build relationships with PEOPLE.

One thing I’ve learned about blogging is the importance of networking.

Blogging done correctly is a people business built through relationships.

Really being interested in people and showing them that you care through solving problems and creating lasting friendships.

If you come into this business only focused on money I guarantee you will not succeed.

The money is a result of the work and value you provide to your market.

Building the Right Relationships

If you’re going to spend time on blog commenting then do it the right way.

Bloggers appreciate it when you participate on their blogs.

You help to build their community and many bloggers will often return the favor if they feel your comments are genuine.

They should be informative, from the heart, and respectful.

By doing this you can create relationships with bloggers can that allow you the opportunity to do guest posts or even get a mentor.

You should always be learning, growing, and implementing as a blogger.

Surrounding yourself with those who’ve been there or are going through the same journey as you creates success.

I feel so motivated after speaking with like-minded individuals in my niche.

If you’re serious about taking your blog and business to the next level then blog commenting should be a part of your arsenal.

Take some time to spend throughout your day going to other people’s blogs to comment.

You can easily do a Google search on blogs in your niche and begin checking out the one’s you enjoy most to do some blog commenting.

Take a trial run at it and see how much your business improves over time.

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The Right Tennis Shoes – An Important Selection

Tennis shoes provide the much needed support and protection to the feet of players and as such the performance of the players is greatly affected by the quality of footwear they are wearing. Keeping with this, the tennis shoes are designed with a view to provide maximum comfort to the players. Tennis shoes are made with reinforced toe and heel pads as these areas are most prone to wear and tear during their use in the ground.

Selection of the right tennis shoes is a very important consideration for a tennis player. The criterion of selection depends upon various things such as the type of feet of the player, the kind of surface on which he is going to play, proper fit of the shoes and so on.

Some people`s feet are prone to blisters and they must wear proper fitting shoes with thick cushions. A tennis shoe which fits properly across the width of the shoe is best for players. If the body built is stronger and big then they must opt for heavier type of shoes. Players who want enhanced foot spread and agility however prefers very light weight tennis shoes.

While playing on hard court surfaces, it is recommended to use durable and resistant to wear tennis shoes as hard courts are bound to damage the tread of the sole of the tennis shoes. This makes the shoes to slip and loss in traction. On hard surfaces the shoes need to provide extra protection to the toes as they are bound to dragging while playing and the hard court may injure the toes.

One who plays on soft courts, durability is not of much consideration for them. A good traction and comfort are of utmost importance for players who play on clay courts. A flat and smooth sole is preferred for playing on soft courts. One must also see that there are no knobs and bumps on the soles of tennis shoes as they are bound to damage the soft tennis courts.

Although tennis shoes are available in different shapes and styles, a player can also opt for custom made shoes in case he is not satisfied with the fit and comfort of the ready made shoes. The custom made shoes can be designed in specifications with the requirements of the player and are little more expensive tan the normal ones.

There are a lot of top brands of tennis shoes which include Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Converse, Lacoste, Brooks, K- Swiss, British Knights etc. While selecting from amongst the popular brands is not an easy task, people must keep in mind that the comfort and fit of the tennis shoe is more important than the brand name.

Some lower end manufacturers` try to attract customers by offering stylish and attractive pair of shoes at low price, a player must select shoes from the well known and top notch manufacturer to avoid any chances of getting cheated. One must not go for the looks and name of the shoe but rather wears them and check their comfort level before buying them. One must not be guided by he stylish look but know he art of selecting a quality pair.


Ivory Wedding Shoes – Tips to Find the Right Pair

The search for the perfect wedding shoes, even when you’ve narrowed it down to ivory wedding shoes, is still a long and difficult one.  So, I thought I would put together a tip to help every bride narrow down that search.

Tip 1:  First, determine your heel height.  Now that you’ve picked the color ivory for your shoe, think about what heel height you want your shoe to be at.  This is important, especially if your fiancé is taller or shorter.  Buying heels that are too tall or too short could make you look unbalanced.  Also, don’t forget, heels that are too high will be very uncomfortable throughout the night.  So, think through all of these considerations before choosing the heel height.  Also, choose a range for those ivory shoes so you can look for 2 inch to 2 and a half inch ivory shoes.

Tip 2:  Get a swatch of your dress.  Ivory comes in a lot of different shades and there are some dresses that are a darker ivory while some are a much lighter ivory shade.  You want your ivory bridal shoes to be either the same shade or a bit darker than your dress.  A lighter ivory shoe will stand out too much against the dress and will give the glow in the dark effect that you don’t want.  You want your wedding shoes to blend in with your outfit and not to stand out too brightly against the ivory dress.

Tip 3:  Search early and look everywhere.  There are great bargains to be found for ivory wedding shoes, as long as you look early and look everywhere.  Look in department stores and look online.  One thing that I found during my shoe shopping was that ivory bridal shoes are more likely found in online bridal shoe stores.  It was much harder to go to a regular store and find particular shades of ivory since that color is so specialized.  You can also ask salespeople for cream or beige which can be very close to the ivory color you are looking for.

Tip 4:  Order multiple pairs and see which one matches.  There are so many different styles of shoes.  You could get ivory wedge shoes, flat ivory shoes, ivory ballet slippers, and even an extra pair of ivory flip flops. 

Determine what type of shoe you want or order multiple pairs and then take them to your dress fitting to see what you like.  Only after you put them on with your dress will you know if they match.  With your dress on, you’ll be able to get the full effect of your outfit with your bridal shoes.

Tip 5:  Check for comfort:  Finally, after receiving your ivory bridal shoes, check them all to see which pair are the most comfortable.  Don’t just look for something that is beautiful.  Those beautiful shoes could end up hurting your feet towards the end of the night.  Or, if you want those beautiful ivory shoes and they are not as comfortable, then order a pair of wedding flip flops to match your ivory wedding shoes.


Do Hardwood Flooring Lengths Really Matter?

You already decided to erect that apartment, but your mind is still wondering about what kind of floor is suitable for your residence. Most probably, you have thought and decided on wood flooring; and to be precise, hardwood flooring which is solely derived from timber. It is made from hardwoods such as oak, acacia, and bamboo. This kind of flooring is divided into two types, and they are: engineered and solid, they are treated with different finishing depending on its purpose and face of the floor required.
Choosing this type of flooring for your apartment can be complicated; there are several paramount things you should take into consideration including acquiring the right hardwood that best suits your needs. Additionally, it is essential to know how the flooring companies you have chosen for your apartment pick the flooring length and if they matter.
Board Lengths
Board lengths matter indeed. They play the most vital role in ensuring that your hardwood floor looks appealing and professional to the eye. Sadly, you find that many manufacturers and hardwood suppliers don’t display board lengths in a way that they can be easily accessed by consumers. Perhaps, you will need to research or ask them how they work.
Long lengths are the most preferable than the short boards, they play a significant role in creating a remarkable visual, uniformity around your space, and they are more alluring than shorter board lengths. Additionally, long board lengths are substantial in wide plank floors, and they look more beautiful in small spaces. While with short ranges, the floor level will seem choppier.
Why does Wood Flooring Lengths Matter?
• Design
Who doesn’t want their floor to look original and beautiful? With wide plank flooring, long lengths are paramount; it draws attention to your floor. In case your apartment is for business, it will attract clients as it will look professional and worth. Your entire place will look serene and comfortable with any enterprise for your tenants. Therefore, if not well thought of, lengths can affect the quality, design, style, and prices of everything.
Lengths also help in elongating the space of your apartment, if longer lengths are used in flooring, the number of butt joints can be drastically reduced dependent on the size of the floor. Long boards give a clean and consistent design for wide and narrow widths. Additionally, it affects the method of cleaning; uniform floor can be cleaned with ease.
• Quality
A board is characterized by its original wood contents such as mineral streaks and knots. For high quality and sleek planks, these marks are reduced by manufacturers, although at the end they create shorter pieces, these shorter planks will make your floor look patchy.


Financial Skills – Opening a Bank Account

I was surprised when I asked parents to tell me the life skills they wish their kids knew, and there was a resounding request for kids to learn how to open a bank account.

Similarly, there was a huge call out for:

  • How to budget & balance accounts
  • How to write checks and pay bills
  • And how to start saving for retirement

It seems some of the things we take for granted are, as a result, missing from what we teach kids.

This article is the first article in the four-part series and will discuss the best and simplest way to get started with opening a bank account.

It seems easy, but there are several questions many people never think of that we’ll address in this article:

  1. Which bank?
  2. Checking or savings account?
  3. Are there fees or minimum balances?
  4. Should I get a Debit Card too?
  5. Should I have my name on the account with my kid?

1. Choosing a Bank

When you choose a bank, there are a few criteria you’ll want to look at:

  1. Location
  2. Number of branches
  3. Ease of access

The location should be convenient to your home, but also have enough branches so that – in the case of an emergency – you can get to your bank.

I opened an account with Elevations Credit Union when I was attending CU Boulder. It was convenient and credit unions are really great to bank with. However, after I graduated and moved, there were no branches around me, which made things very inconvenient. I ended up opening an account with US Bank since they are in about every King Soopers, where I do my grocery shopping.

This is especially important with kids because you don’t want them to have to drive too far just to bank.

Similarly, ease of access into the branch is important. I remember having a Norwest (now Wells Fargo) account, and getting in and out of the bank’s parking lot was terrible. I had several near-miss car accidents and dreaded even going to the bank.

2. Checking or Savings Account

As you’ll learn in the future article about saving and budgeting, there should be an account that is used for saving and investing.

That means it’s important to have BOTH a checking and savings account.

The reason a checking account is important, is so that kids can learn how to write checks, and have a designated spending account aside from a designated savings account.

Checking accounts are important for paying bills (be it online or via mail) and will give kids the opportunity to learn how to write checks. Even if check writing isn’t as prevalent as it once was, it’s still important.

I was shopping one day and realized I forgot my wallet, which had my credit cards and cash. I started to panic because I needed some food. Fortunately, I keep a couple of checks in the car and was able to save myself by writing a check… they still come in handy!

3. Fees & Minimum Balances

Some banks have fees to have an account and others don’t. Obviously get the one that doesn’t since your kid shouldn’t have a huge account. Likewise make sure there isn’t a minimum balance or a very small ($10 or less) minimum balance.

Just as important is how overdrafts are handled!

When I was in college, it never failed: my peers (who hadn’t learned how to balance an account) would routinely trigger their overdraft protection and the hefty fees that went along with it.

They would look at their balance online and it would show $10. Then they’d check it again a few days later and it was at $30.

It was the magical growing bank account; and they never wondered where the extra money came from. Until the end of the month when they had over $200 in overdraft protection fees!

I would suggest NOT getting overdraft protection and instead making darn sure they can balance their account (which we’ll cover in a future article).

4. What About a Debit Card?

Here’s my thoughts on kids having debit cards: it makes it much, much harder to balance the bank account while making it much easier to overspend and run into trouble.

Are ATM machines convenient? Yes, but I have never once used one in my entire life. Part of teaching kids life skills is to teach them to be prepared. I keep an extra $10 in cash plus a few checks in my car. It wouldn’t bother me if it got stolen.

If you’re determined that your kid gets a debit card, wait at least six months after opening their account so they can learn “the old fashioned way” and understand how the debit card affects their account when they actually start using it.

5. Should I Be On The Account Too?

I think it’s a very good idea for you to be on your kid’s first account so you can monitor their spending and make sure they don’t cause a train wreck.

It’s good to get statements so that you can use that as a learning experience to go over them with your kid and teach them how to properly dispose of them (in a shredder) so that they decrease their risk of identity theft.

Come up with a time frame or benchmarks until you pull yourself off the account and let your kid take on the responsibility of an individual account.

Opening a bank account is a huge step into a new world for kids and it should be a great experience. Walk your kids through the setup and look for the learning opportunities along the way.

Arm your kids with financial skills and hacks…

Check out the article about getting financial aid for college.


6 Benefits of Using Ruby on Rails (RoR) for Your Startup

For startups, Ruby on Rails is one of the best frameworks as it’s user-friendly and flexible. If you do some research, you will come to know that there are a lot of startups that prefer Ruby on Rails for their business sites. As a matter of fact, this coding language is considered an ideal choice for startups. Given below is the description of some of the primary benefits of this language for startups. Read on to find out more.

1. Time-Efficiency

First of all, this framework offers a lot of ready-made modules and plug-ins. Therefore, developers don’t have to spend a lot of time on boilerplate code. According to developers, they take at least 30% less time when building an app or website using RoR. On the other hand, other programming languages require more time.

So, time-efficiency is one of the primary benefits of this frame, which is why you should go for it.

2. Consistency

Another great feature of RoR is that it offers consistency. It allows developers to follow standard programming and file storage conventions in order to keep the project readable and structured. This is the reason the process becomes consistent, which saves a lot of time.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Since RoR is an open-source framework, you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money to use the framework. Also, developers can add more features to the framework without the need to develop the unit from scratch.

Therefore, developers can save a lot of time. The good news is that you can download Gems from a lot of free sources like GitHub. On this platform, you can find open source code for free of charge.

4. Bug-Free Development

Another benefit of RoR is that it comes with the Minitest tool. This test suite is comprehensive and offers a lot of testing features, such as mocking, test benchmarking, and expectation syntax.

Apart from this, Ruby on Rails helps with Behavior-driven Development and Test Driven Development approaches.

5. Scalability

If you want the application to attract a lot of users, make sure that the app offers a lot of scalability. The good thing about RoR is that it allows you to enjoy scalability as well.

6. Security

The framework offers a lot of security features. Therefore, if you develop your app using RoR, you can enjoy a lot of security features. So, you can follow the Secure Development Lifecycle. From the security point of view, this framework is one of the best choices.

Long story short, these are just some of the primary benefits of using Ruby on Rails for your start-up.


10 Tips for Choosing Eye Glasses

Whether you are getting eye glasses for the first time, changing your look with new eyeglass frames or picking out a cool pair of sunglasses, there are certain things you should consider. Fashion, comfort and function should all be considered in selecting glasses.

TIP ONE: Get your Prescription is Right

When having an eye exam it is important to take your time and answer all the questions carefully. If the optometrist flips through the test too fast for your vision, ask him to slow down. If you have astigmatism, you may need extra time for your eyes to adjust to every single adjustment in order to tell if it is better or worse than the last. Optometrists are only human, and they do not know unless you tell them, that your vision cannot keep up with their testing.

TIP TWO: Getting the Right Tint

When choosing sun glasses or tinted eye-glass wear of any type, be sure that you can see through the tint sufficiently to drive, and that your vision is not occluded in indoor lighting as well. Make sure that neither outdoor glare nor the soft indoor light make it impossible to see properly with your glasses on.

TIP THREE: Glass or Plastic

There are benefits and liabilities to both glass and plastic. Plastic is lighter in weight, and this can be a huge factor for some people. Heavy glasses resting on the bridge of the nose can be miserable, especially if you have a sensitive nose, are prone to headaches, or have trouble with your sinuses. Thick prescription eye glasses in glass can prove to be miserable when wearing them for extended periods of time. On the other hand plastic scratches more easily and can be less durable.

TIP FOUR: Consider Lifestyle and Glasses Care

Whether you select glass or plastic, it is important to keep them in a case when not in use and not to wash them in any sort of harsh cleaner, such as window cleaner. If your glasses will be exposed to harsh chemical fumes in your workplace, choose glass lenses. They hold up better than plastic when exposed to caustic chemicals, oily residue, or extreme heat. Always wipe your glasses with a soft cloth, not a paper towel. It may be worthwhile to consider durability when selecting frames if you tend to be hard on glasses. Choose durable glass lenses and strong hard plastic eyeglass frames if your lifestyle or workplace is active or hazardous. Wire frames can also be very durable if not treated too roughly.

TIP FIVE: Consider the Shape and Weight of the Glasses

Select a Frame Style Matching Your Brow Line. When selecting a style of eye-glass wear, one of the most important facial features to consider is your eyebrows. The top line of your glasses frame should either match the angle of your eyebrows or at least compliment them. For many people the weight of the frames is a major deciding factor in selecting glasses. Lightweight frames are generally more comfortable, and they also have a few pluses in durability, if they are well designed. Wire frames especially can be strong and lightweight. Another consideration is the size of the lenses. Small lenses are very fashionable, but remember that the main purpose of your glasses is to correct your vision. If you need more field of vision than the small lenses afford, then choose frames with a larger lens area. If you need bifocals especially, you will need a larger lens area in order to have a decent field of vision for both prescriptions.

TIP SIX: Considering Bifocals

As we age our vision changes and often older adults need two prescriptions, one for distance vision and one for up close. One can either elect to get bifocals or two pairs of glasses. Which you choose depends a great deal on your lifestyle and, oddly enough the way you think. Some left-handed people have trouble dealing with bifocals. This is because to a greater or lesser extent, left-handed people tend to use their right brains more. Creative people also tend to be right-brained. It has been discovered that right-brained people are not comfortable with the limited field of vision afforded by bifocals. They find it very hard if not impossible to adjust. It can result in tunnel vision, frustration and even mild psychiatric symptoms, such as mild depression, confusion, excessive nervousness and stress.

TIP SEVEN: Comfort is a Must

If you are selecting eye glasses to wear while reading, while driving or to wear constantly, it is imperative that they be as comfortable as possible. Even uncomfortable sunglasses can cause headaches. Having to wear ill- fitting, or poorly designed eye-glass wear of any type can be very painful. If these are your first glasses it will be more difficult to tell whether your glasses will be comfortable or not. Be sure to take your time in trying them on.

TIP EIGHT: Getting a Good Fit

When trying on glasses frames, or sunglasses try looking down and shaking your head from side to side. Do the glasses try to slip down your nose? Do the ear pieces feel firmly attached without putting pressure on your temples? There is nothing more miserable than trying to wear glasses that fall off on the floor when you look down. It is important that your glasses fit your face properly.

TIP NINE: Ensuring Fashion Sense

Before going to select your glasses take time to notice people wearing glasses, to see which styles you like. Make a point of checking in recent magazines, and online websites to see what sort of eye glasses are popular. Styles in glasses frames change over the years, but most optometrists carry some styles which are somewhat out of fashion to please all their clients. Be sure to become informed of eyeglass fashion before choosing frames.

TIP TEN: Get a Second Opinion on Eye Glasses Frames

It is a good idea to bring a friend along to help you pick out eye-glass wear and frames. Choose someone you trust who has good fashion sense. This can be especially important at the optometrists if you are expected to choose frames after an eye exam. Often after an eye exam you will not be able to see well because of the eye drops. It can be very difficult to even read the price tags, much less choose your frames. You may need a ride home anyway, so why not bring along a fashion conscious friend to help you select your great new look.

Choosing eye glasses is a big decision and one that requires careful thought and time to get to the right decision. Visit Dr Barringer’s office in Ardmore, Oklahoma to receive all the help you will need


It is said that within a couple

It is said that within a couple years, TVs in the UK shall be fully digitalize. That is why, with the advancement of technology, it seems as if Free View Boxes are gaining more attention by people who love high definition picture quality. At the moment there are only a few Digital TV service providers who provide more than 50 channels without any kind of subscription charges. Free View Box is the easiest way to receive TV channels, radio stations and other interactive services.

With a box called FV Box, you can get a number of your favourite TV channels with high quality sound and picture without any subscription charges. All you have to do is to purchase a FV Box and then enjoy watching TV, as your TV aerial receives all the channels. Free-View is attached with a set-top box with a wire to your TV. The biggest benefit of Free-View Box is one-time investment and you can enjoy a number of channels for free.

These Boxes are quite cost effective, as you only have to make the payment once and no subsequent charges.

Small size FV Boxes do not require much space in your living room and are best to be kept anywhere in the house. You have to attach the Free View Box to your TV and then forget about the tapes for recording TV programs, as there is a built-in facility of recording TV programs and playing it again. You can rewind, pause, record and play- whatever you want.

The latest free-view boxes are capable of bringing best audio and video qualities to home TV. There are different models of These boxes available in the market. You can purchase a Free View Box from the market as well as online.


Is Blogging Valuable?

It’s a question I am asked very frequently, along with the following questions:-

How useful is blogging to your business?

Why do you need a blog anyway?

Can a blog really help your online business?

Blogging is one most important ways that you can utilise to grow your business, and it doesn’t have to cost very much for you to use a blog and reap the benefits of increased visibility and increased traffic.

Many people are put off from blogging because they don’t understand it.

Even more are put off from blogging because they think that they don’t have the time to maintain a blog.

Both are reasons for not adding a blog to your business, but, while they are valid reasons, they should not be used to stop yourself helping your business grow by blogging.

There are two types of blog:-

1. The type that provides useful content and you wish to return time and time again, to find out what is new and useful to you.

2. The type that provides content but is being used primarily as a means of attracting links and traffic.

You can include all sorts of different format of posts to your blogs, but try and make sure that they provide some benefit to the reader. It can be a list of Top 10 ideas, a checklist of things related to your niche, or even just a comment about some news that relates to your particular niche.

Always make sure that you include a link back to your site within the body of the blog post because your posts will get syndicated across a great number of other blogs, news sites, and websites, and this can be a great way to increase the link popularity of you blog and gain extra traffic. For example, I might try to include ” Written by David Watson at [] “ in the content of the blog post to make sure that this will show up whenever the blog post is copied.

Just by frequently blogging about a particular topic, you soon become recognized as an expert in that particular niche, which makes anything that you write, email, or say, more authoritative and more likely to be noticed.