The Earth Is Being Devoured by the Fire of God’s Jealousy

Everywhere there is fire devouring large portions of the earth, and that is only the start of it. As global warming increases and drought takes hold the crops die, the animals starve to death, and the temperature soars. There is no man-made solution to the problem as it is our doing that caused it. Nor did it happen in a few decades because it started when men created their own gods and changed nature to suit their greed.

Every fire raises the temperature a little more and the massive super-fires, such as that raging in California, increases it a lot. No country is spared as trees are replaced by money hungry destroyers and the rainfall diminishes.

So efficient is the land-clearing of forests that great swathes of trees are removed in a short space of time. The oceans too are dying as the heat warms their temperature and plastic and other pollutants kill off the life within it.

Man thinks he is so clever that he can alter the will of God and so he prays to his statues and fake divinities and the destruction continues. He has given himself permission to reign over the earth as a god and he created his own eternal masters to make it right.

How wrong is man? The real God is the Spirit of the Universe and this is what has been buried and blocked out by religions born of dreams put forth by the ancients and reworked into modern religions. That is man’s folly but what, if anything, could have changed it.

According to the prophecies there is nothing man has done that is not in accordance with the plan of God. It is laid out in the prophecies for all to read. Few, however, do!

They have been made to appear related to past times because of the lies in the New Testament. This is the book that put up the image of Jesus Christ, the work of Constantine who established the Catholic Church in 325 AD. He is 666 according to the Revelation 13:12-18.

Following him Jerome compiled and wrote the New Testament based on ancient beliefs. He then formulated the Catholic Church and earned himself the title of ‘doctor’ of it.

The fake gods reign as powerful entities that followers cannot do away with because they are joined to them as a baby is to its mother in the womb. They are nurtured and fed the milk of deception by the so-called Mother of God, Mary, whose identity is derived from the sun. She was so-named in Babylon where the female image was created so men could die on crosses to ‘marry’ Mary.

So the Spirit of the Universe has created a world of corruption and few can find their way out. The purpose is described here and it’s happening now:

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