Dark Fantasy Art – How to Build Layers of Feeling in Your Art

Fantasy art
pieces have always been interesting. They carry with them an air of mystery or amusement and are always conversation material among those who patronise the craft. While this art form may have some religious undertones, most of it is rather heavily influenced by folklore and mythology. Evolving from different corners of the world, fantasy art carry widely prevalent themes based on Greek mythology, African magical traditions or Chinese folklore.

Ancient fantasy artworks hanging in galleries depict images of angels and demon, gods, dragons and spirits. They are still quite popular today, although later renditions find some difficulty qualifying themselves as fine art.

The popularity of fantasy art probably started with a 16th century famous Dutch painter named Heironymus Bosch. His interpretation of the famous triptych entitled The Garden of Earthly Delight showed an initial panel on the Garden of Eden, a second one featuring a world of earthly pleasures, and finally a third hell depicting different types of sinners.

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