Managing and Leading Ethical Decision Making in Creating the Well-Living Workplace (Focus)

Ethics are at the forefront of all relationships when managing and leading staff. Through day-to-day interactions ethical decision-making guides behaviour.

Also, how you obtain, serve and retain clients involves ethics. Their willingness to work with you is guided by your ethical decision-making re: customer experience. Equally important, to determine if you keep a client is guided by the client’s ethical behaviour.

And your willingness to stay with ethics, when the person is not present, is a true litmus test of your ethical decision-making.

In today’s workplace, ethical decision-making is at the core of leading and managing. Upon reflection, over the past few months where have you been challenged in your ethical decision-making?

In today’s workplace where judgment is passed in the court of social media, it’s smart you upgrade your moral compass to an ethical gyrocompass.

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