Our Minimum Wage Issues and an Alternative

As the years go by and humanity continues to grow, we are seeing great debates and arguments about many different issues and problems we are facing as a nation. One of those arguments is currently about the minimum wage, and to what level it should be hiked up, if at all.

The biggest problem we actually face is this “one size fits all” solution we try to apply to everything. Americans, and the law makers who represent them, want these big sweeping laws that encompass all parts of any given situation under one broad measure to fix everything.

This is why our nation’s policies continue to fail. You can’t make sweeping mandates and expect things to work out well. Situations are just too different form one state to another, county to another and town or city to another. The only effective way to manage situations like this is to have a third party intervene and judge the situation independently, like a watchdog group.

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