The Learjet 60

Looking for a mid-sized business jet that is consistently voted one of the best in its class? Want to get where you are going fast, on time and in style? Then the Learjet 60 is the jet for you. This plane may be smaller than the full sized jets you are used to, but it has the largest cabin in its class, and more powerful engines along with a longer fuselage than its predecessor, the Learjet 55. More aerodynamic, this beautiful plane has seating for six with maximum seating for ten, and allows those seated passengers lots of room where they need it, namely in headroom, legroom and the all important elbow room.

The cabin dimensions are 17.5 feet x 5.5 feet x 5.7 feet which gives people enough room to get things done en route. Fold out tables, a radio phone and a fax machine make it easy to get last minute work done or put the finishing touches on that presentation. Comfortable seating that can be configured to your needs adds to the in flight work environment and allows for conferences to be conducted mid-air. If the aim of the flight is to relax, the Learjet 60 allows for that, with a microwave and coffee maker at your disposal as you lean back and take in the calm, quiet surroundings as you jet to your destination. Ample baggage space and an enclosed lavatory add to the features of the cabin.

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