Florida Long Term Care Costs – How to Lower the Cost of Long Term Care Insurance in Florida

What is the average Florida long term care cost? How much does a Florida long term care insurance policy cost? The cost for long term care insurance policies varies with state and it is different for each person in the United States. In the state of Florida cost has a lot to do with the place of living and the demographics of the population living in a certain area. It is important to understand that the cost will not be the same for everyone and that people in Florida should get quotes from many different companies to make sure that their rates are being calculated accordingly.

The Cost Of Long Term Care In Florida

Long term care is one of those variables that will always change. In the state of Florida there are many people that are living with what their long term insurance companies are paying, mainly because Florida is a senior citizen state. Based on the 2006 MetLife Mature Market Survey of Nursing Home Costs the average amount of money a person will pay daily for a private room in a nursing home is an estimated $200. Although it is not the most expensive state, Florida is in the middle range and it is not cheap to live in a nursing home in the “sunshine state”. This survey also examined the state of Florida into three regions (Jacksonville, Orlando and Miami) and came up with estimated figures on how much money it would be the cost of long term care in each of the areas.

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