Car Parking in Bruges, Belgium – Tips

The Belgian City of Bruges is one of the most popular destinations for British cross Channel day-trippers. The beautiful medieval town is known as the ‘Venice of the North’ due to its beautiful gothic architecture and picturesque canals. The centre of the City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

By driving to Bruges from the Channel Ports of Calais or Dunkirk, or the Eurotunnel terminal in Coquelles, you will be able to stock up on the finest delicacies which Bruges has to offer, including locally brewed premium beers, delicious Belgian chocolates, lace, and other locally produced goods.

Parking in the City Centre
Parking in the Centre of Bruges is not advisable due to the narrow, busy streets and the lack of parking. The City Centre is split into three parking regions:

  • Zone 1 (Blue Zone — Centrum) covers much of the centre of Bruges. In this area, parking restrictions apply from 09:00 to 19:00 Monday to Saturday. The maximum parking duration is four hours, for visitors who display a valid European parking disc on their windscreens. Around the shopping districts, these parking spaces are metered and can be expensive.
  • Zone 2 (Yellow Zone — BinnenStad) – All car parking spaces within the Yellow Zone are metered
  • Zone 3 (Red Zone — West Brugge) -All car parking spaces within the Red Zone are metered

Parking near the Ring Road

Bruges has a number of parking garages dotted around the ring road surrounding the City. Parking in one of these car parks is much more cost effective, less stressful, and sometimes has the added bonus of complimentary bus tickets (for all passengers) to the main square in Bruges included in the car parking fee. The maximum price for car parking in one of these garages is (at the time of writing) 8.70 Euros per day.

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