Accessories That Enhance Your Trail Camera Experience

Whether you’ve been using your trail camera for years or you got your first one this past Christmas, you might want to consider some accessories that will help to make it either easier to use or more effective. Some of the more common ones are security cases, mounting brackets, drop tines for mounting, solar panels for charging batteries and viewers for checking your images in the field. Following are some of the features and benefits of these accessories. best solar trail camera

Several manufacturers make security cases for their scouting cameras. Bushnell’s Trophy Cam case is designed for a high level of protection from the game you are photographing. It can be secured to the tree either by lag screws or a Master Python Lock and comes with a keyed padlock. This case can also be used in conjunction with Bushnell’s tree bracket which screws into any tree. The ΒΌ – 20 thread portion of the bracket can then be screwed into the bottom of the Trophy Cam camera. An adjustable head provides for flexibility in mounting.

Do-All Traps makes both a single and a double drop tine for mounting your camera. It’s lightweight, high strength steel shaft provides a strong, rigid base. The adjustable clamp footer grips tree limbs, providing outstanding stability. The 360 degree mount swivel allows a fully adjustable area of vision. Height can be set from 34″ to 54″ from the ground, keeping it out of the way and safe from animal disturbance, while allowing you to take overhead pictures – the best vantage point to accurately score antlers. It also allows the camera to pivot 180 degrees.

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