Smart Tips to Choose Maternity Clothes

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting periods in a women’s life. The excitement of nurturing a life inside of you can be exhilarating. But along with it come apprehensions about dressing up smartly. delicate culotte

Many women feel that pregnancy equates to unfashionable, dowdy, in-womanly clothes. This is absolutely false. With a little innovation and creativity, you can continue to look and feel chic during pregnancy. All it requires is some ingenious wardrobe tweaking and a smart investment in maternity clothes.

Tips for choosing maternity attire:

1. Be aware that you will most probably begin showing only in your second trimester. So take a stock of your wardrobe. Especially look for those tops, tees or shirts that are loose over the tummy. Flowing tops, longer tees and gowns fitted at the bust would hold you in good stead going forward. And stretchy fabrics like lycra help you go up one size or two with the same dress. Also raid your partner’s wardrobe for any longish shirts etc. that you may borrow.

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