Do you have a smart phone?

Attorneys have to look beyond their own individual universe when deciding to purchase certain devices. In my pre-smart-phone era, I was largely unaware that as smart phones had been gaining popularity, emails were frequently being used to leave messages. coque personnalisable

In my universe, I thought smart phone users were emailing in a more conventional manner. I typically check my emails every few hours from my computer and rarely receive an email requiring an immediate response. Answering within hours usually does the trick. I didn’t realize that so many people with smart phones use email the way I use the phone; to leave messages that are received shortly after being sent.

Get Smart

Do you have a smart phone? The latest ABA survey indicates that 25% of lawyers don’t. Many of your clients assume you do and have an expectation that their emails will be read promptly. I paid the price of not having a smart phone. If one of your clients sends you an email and your failure to receive the information causes adverse consequences for your client, you, too, will be pay the price – an unsatisfied client.

Which one do you get? Talk to the 75% of the lawyers who have one. That’s essentially what I did. I talked to my coaching clients and got lots of opinions. Quick answer. Everyone has their preferences and reasons for them. No one size fits all. I have an iPhone and like it very much, but that’s me. What’s important is not what you buy, but that you buy one.

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