Multiplayer Games on the Internet

A large collection of multiplayer games is strewn all over the internet; websites dedicated for the purpose have now been around for what seems like decades. The duration hasn’t been a long one, but the rapid pace at which the trend has caught on is surprising and also intriguing.

However exciting they may be, the fact remains that they’ve brought with themselves isolation to this generation: dozens of people can play each other without even knowing the people they play with directly. The era of internet has given rise to isolation. Although there are still games that would require direct contact of players playing in a monitored environment but thanks to internet, these games are getting lesser and lesser in number by the year.

Internet-based multiplayer games come in a huge variety of formats. Puzzle games require the players to co-operate to solve a certain puzzle using sets of hints. The sooner a player solves the puzzle, the higher up the position of the player is amongst all players. When all of them have solved the puzzle, the solution then gives them their next missions. Therefore, even though the effort is a team one, it’s still a competition. Multiplayer games continue to get more mature, advanced and sophisticated as the technology catches up with newer ideas.

Other very interesting multiplayer games include card games. Available on many websites and as downloadable content from various sources, these games bring original card games on to the screen of your computer, and the reality of these games is very striking. The game-play experience is virtually identical to the one that a person has while playing with their friends using cards on a table or the couch in any one person’s house. From gambling to simple amateur card games, every game is now available online for friends to play amongst themselves without leaving the comfort of their home. Even the props used in these games are highly realistic. Players get everything from cards, to copper coins, estates, money and so on. The data is calculated and stored on the computers, and this can be a huge load off the shoulders of gamers who aren’t good at Mental Mathematics too, as it reduces the chances of someone trying to get away with a little extra money at an instance or two. Such games have witnessed a huge rise in popularity in recent years and continue to do so. Some of the popularity may also be attributed to the fact that these games are now available virtually all over the internet; from dedicated gaming websites to applications on mobile phones and social networking websites, there’s hardly a platform out there that cannot boast a card game or two in its portfolio of games. Poker, Solitaire and other casino-based games are only a few examples.

Moreover, the sport-lovers out there can also enjoy highly realistic, console-level gaming on their laptops or PC’s through internet. This caters to the needs of football, cricket, tennis and basketball enthusiasts (to name a few) who like enjoying matches with their friends on their consoles. These consoles are an expensive alternative to PC gaming, and therefore such games being present on websites available through the internet means that a much larger spectrum of audience now has access to them. FIFA, Cricket and NBA are some examples of titles that are also available for online play and multiplayer gaming over internet WIFI, and have become popular among the youth.

Racing fans out there can now enjoy games on almost every online gaming website out there because highly sophisticated titles are now available, and only need Flash Players to run on your PC. They are less resource hungry as their console counterparts, and are therefore quite easily accessible on the internet. Moreover, the popularity of dedicated gaming websites means that there is never a lack of competitors for anyone who wishes to play games like these on the internet, be it their friends or total strangers.

Coming to the needs of the younger audience, there a lot of games available that can be played over a course of time that give you a mission that is to be completed; all online. Such games have been gaining popularity all over the internet. RuneScape is one such example that enjoys a huge fan following now and is one of the most massive multiplayer online fantasy games available on the internet. The popularity of it is enough to prove that games like this one that allow players to set their own goals and objectives while traveling through a kingdom, are on their way to become a major contender for high rank within the gaming community. Other similar examples that have now been available and are very popular on social networking websites for quite a while now include The Sims Social and Farmville among others. All these games can actually keep a young one pretty busy with something that is enjoyable as well as stimulating for the young brain.

The popularity of all forms of online multiplayer games is undeniable. However hard you may try to find evidence to the contrary, the truth remains that this genre of gaming has gained widespread popularity and is bound to come to the attention of big names in game-makers, which can only add to the already amazing rate at which such games are becoming accessible as home-based recreation.


Minimizing Climate Change by Handcuffing Deforestation in Ghana With Cultural Practices

In recent times, there have been big talks regarding the high amassing of greenhouse gases that result in the skyrocketed rise in the earth’s temperature causing global warming. In estimation, the increases in the earth’s temperature intensified in the dawn of 1970s when human activities soared it up considerably by almost 1C. Naturally, the green house effects in the appropriate balance is required to regulate the right hotness and coolness that the earth requires. However, when the greenhouse gases increase at an abnormal rate, it results in an imbalance which is unfriendly to human life. This imbalance in the earth’s atmosphere results in extreme or severe drying (droughts) and melting (floods) which brings very dire and harsh consequences to the lives of humans and the environment. These harsh conditions include desertification, an increased melting of snow and ice, the rising of sea levels and the upsurge of intolerable hurricanes and cyclones. These unfavorable earth conditions cause uncensored heavy downpours that lead to flooding of farms and cities. Also, there is an introduction of new pests that mercilessly destroy farmlands, lakes and other water bodies. The habitats of many biodiversity species are modified and/or destroyed. This condition has led to the high rise in the numbers of endangered species and species extinction globally. In terms of disease outbreak, the effects of global warming increases the likelihood of disease infections such as asthma and allergies due to the high rate of air pollution.

One of the chief causes of global warming and its accompanying climate change is deforestation. Deforestation often results when there is the aggravated clearing or burning of flora species and the destruction of forests for farming and other forms of agricultural activities. Deforestation intensifies the concentration of the greenhouse gases, particularly, carbon dioxide and methane. The indiscriminate cutting down of trees and clearing away of farmlands for agricultural activities often cause disturbance of soil compositions, increases in soil erosion and nutrient leaching as well as increases in the decomposition rates of converted soils which create carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, deforestation ends up reducing the number of trees that are supposed to naturally absorb carbon dioxide which is the most common green house gas that triggers global warming and climate change. To halt the uncensored cutting down of plants and trees as well as the destruction of the forests, the traditional councils in local communities of Ghana have long ago instituted robust cultural practices that serve as traditional check or moral regulator on the behavioral attitudes of their society members. One of such resilient and productive cultural practices is taboos.

Taboos are resilient prohibitions on what to do and what not to do in the society. A breach of any of these taboos is tantamount to disrespect of the ancestors, spirits and deities as well as disregard for the powers of the chief and his cabinet of elders. This attracts severe bi-fold consequences of spiritual and physical punishments. Spiritually, a defaulter of the taboos is believed to kiss the wrath of the angered spirits which can be instantaneous death, madness, infertility and extreme poverty. Physically, the traditional council imposes huge monetary fines for the culprit to pay. Sometimes, there is a confiscation of the property of the defaulter such as farmlands for a given period. Due to the resilient nature of these sanctions, society members always endeavor to heed to them. Interestingly, many of these taboos are eco-friendly and bars against the unbridled cutting of flora species and the clearing away of the forest.

For instance, there is a taboo barring against the cutting of young flora species. In most of the local communities in Ghana, young trees are not supposed to be cut down. Also, cut down trees are supposed to be replaced in triplets to appease the deities and ancestors. Due to this prohibition, there is always the maintenance of the sustainability base and abundance of flora species to consume the excessive carbon dioxide gases in the environment.

There is also a taboo against the destruction of the forest vegetation bank around rivers, lakes and streams. Farmers are required to leave not less than 10 metres forest vegetation bank around water bodies. This prevents high evaporation that would have contributed to global warming.

Also, there is a general cessation of harvesting for all flora species during specific taboo days and closed seasons in the year. This taboo also regulates the duration of harvesting of flora species which would have led to deforestation. Interestingly, highly economical tree species that are most times felled are tabooed in most of the local communities. Special purification rites are supposed to be performed with the members of the traditional council in the known, before the regulated cutting of such tree species is allowed. This helps in controlling the wanton cutting of the flora species in the environment.


Gandhi As A Human Ecologist

John S. Moolakkattu has briefly stated the well-known human ecological factors in his article. He has given an introduction and summarized the description of each of those factors that are contributing to the environment either it be negatively or positively. He then also mentioned the basic delineation caused by both western and eastern civilization. A connection through his writing is built between Gandhi and ecology plus environment. The written piece basically discusses how Gandhi’s views on environment emerge from the outcomes of the basic economic structure of the third world countries. Along with this, Moolakkattu also elaborated Gandhi’s vision and its importance with relevant ideologies and development stages of the humanitarian society. Depletion of natural resources and more strong propagandas of market liberals are in full swing whereas, Gandhi has a mentality in complete opposition to this that’s why Moolakkattu do not consider Gandhi as a complete liberal approach personality.

In this article, John S. Moolakkattu has stressed upon several rhetorical devices to focus on Mahatma Gandhi views of this contemporary world, where he has indulged in the environment, development, and ecology. The article clearly shows how Gandhi had widely anticipated on most of the environmental issues that we are facing in today’s world. If we look from today’s perspective, Gandhi cannot be appropriately seen as a proper strong ‘environmentalist’. Moolakkattu’s analysis of Gandhi’s ecology and environment contains a critical view of prognosis and alerts. He also contemplated needs that were centered on the limitations presented by Mahatma Gandhi on his views of environmentalism along with development. According to what Moolakkattu has stated as a descriptive scrutiny of Gandhi as an ecologist, he was forced to consider Gandhi’s approach as a bio environmentalist with a little touch of institutionalist. Gandhi somehow opposes globalization and calls for the dismantling of global structures by encouraging the local community.

According to Gandhi, “A certain degree of physical harmony and comfort is necessary, but, above a certain level, it becomes a hindrance instead of help. Therefore, the idea of creating an unlimited number of wants and satisfying them seems to be a delusion and a snare.” This statement of Gandhi filtered him from a market liberal worldview on the environment. John. S Moolakkattu believes that Gandhi does not agree to rapid economic growth, pursue short-term profits, and rise in economic standards of the society, contributing to a better environment. The author after analyzing the mentality of Gandhi, explains a better version of why Gandhi had a non-market liberal approach with undermining contexts and extracts related to him. Exemplified in the human ecological perspective, Moolakkattu also explains why Gandhi is also considered as an environmentalist critically. He explains that Gandhi always views all spheres of human life in an integrated approach that led to more focus and significance of human ecological systems.

John S. Moolakkattu views Gandhi on the basis of environmentalism in the Southern world, especially the developing countries and nations. Gandhi knew that his nation was going through an ‘Empty-Belly’ phenomenon, due to which he had to take his environmental values to a straight path. Moolakkattu used to appeal to emotion as a rhetorical tool where he declared a sense of relationship and emotions between Gandhi and his people’s well-being. Gandhi believes that discrimination, the rural-urban ratio, globalization, access to natural resources without being called the producers, were the main causes of this decline in environmental development. This interconnection between environment, development, sustainability, survival, and peace is the real essence of Gandhian environmental approach as described by Moolakkattu. Industrialization, economic progress with the generation of profits, and exploitation of human lives were at odds for Gandhi.

Moolakkattu’s explanation of Gandhi’s ideology shows that Gandhi was a man against colonization and European lead along with British empowerment in the industrial and economic sector in South Asia. The ways through which the western region of the world is trying to persuade while spending billions of dollars by setting up industries and productivity houses in common areas of South Asia and in countries with low economy shows that Gandhi’s prediction of this is somehow becoming a fact. Gandhi was greatly influenced by Buddhism and Jainism. The reason behind his influence was the representation of nature as a living entity. There were several western thinkers with anomalous philosophies about human and environment that frightened Gandhi and directed his moment of realization towards building a relationship between human and environment because, without humans, the environment might not exist in any form. An essence of romanticism and a bit of hatred for industrialization and creating urban structures is found in Gandhi’s blacklisted factors contributing to environmental destruction.

Critically if analyzed, Gandhi possesses a moderate and neutral way of approach when considering the environment. This article clearly expresses Gandhi’s views on environmentalism, however, a better image of Gandhi’s perspective could have been demonstrated if more statistics and graphics were used. There should be proper in-text and out-text relevant citations and links to references that might help the reader and audience to develop a sense of harmonic balance between Gandhi’s bio-environmentalist and institutionalist sides. The author should have taken this into consideration that Gandhi’s non-market liberal approach could have been more effectively designed by using shreds of evidence from Gandhi’s personal experiences of life to help in developing a clearer image of his opposition to globalization and urbanization. Gandhi has served as a political leader, the article could form better rhetoric and communication if links were made to contrast between his sides as a political leader and then as a common man so that the audience may learn how and what factors from a human side lead to sustainable environment and how does human life influence the changes in Earth’s atmosphere and rise in temperature as well.


The Earth Is Being Devoured by the Fire of God’s Jealousy

Everywhere there is fire devouring large portions of the earth, and that is only the start of it. As global warming increases and drought takes hold the crops die, the animals starve to death, and the temperature soars. There is no man-made solution to the problem as it is our doing that caused it. Nor did it happen in a few decades because it started when men created their own gods and changed nature to suit their greed.

Every fire raises the temperature a little more and the massive super-fires, such as that raging in California, increases it a lot. No country is spared as trees are replaced by money hungry destroyers and the rainfall diminishes.

So efficient is the land-clearing of forests that great swathes of trees are removed in a short space of time. The oceans too are dying as the heat warms their temperature and plastic and other pollutants kill off the life within it.

Man thinks he is so clever that he can alter the will of God and so he prays to his statues and fake divinities and the destruction continues. He has given himself permission to reign over the earth as a god and he created his own eternal masters to make it right.

How wrong is man? The real God is the Spirit of the Universe and this is what has been buried and blocked out by religions born of dreams put forth by the ancients and reworked into modern religions. That is man’s folly but what, if anything, could have changed it.

According to the prophecies there is nothing man has done that is not in accordance with the plan of God. It is laid out in the prophecies for all to read. Few, however, do!

They have been made to appear related to past times because of the lies in the New Testament. This is the book that put up the image of Jesus Christ, the work of Constantine who established the Catholic Church in 325 AD. He is 666 according to the Revelation 13:12-18.

Following him Jerome compiled and wrote the New Testament based on ancient beliefs. He then formulated the Catholic Church and earned himself the title of ‘doctor’ of it.

The fake gods reign as powerful entities that followers cannot do away with because they are joined to them as a baby is to its mother in the womb. They are nurtured and fed the milk of deception by the so-called Mother of God, Mary, whose identity is derived from the sun. She was so-named in Babylon where the female image was created so men could die on crosses to ‘marry’ Mary.

So the Spirit of the Universe has created a world of corruption and few can find their way out. The purpose is described here and it’s happening now:


A Brief Guide to Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

Whether you’re in the dead of winter or in the scorching heat of summer, you need to have a well-functioning HVAC system to stay comfortable indoors.
Instead of taking your HVAC systems for granted like most building owners and only addressing Sexologist in Delhi issues when your system stops working, you need to take a proactive approach. If you weren’t aware, having a proper HVAC maintenance schedule can help you reduce your energy consumption by 10 to 20 percent, regardless of the weather outside.

Here, we’ve put together a brief guide to seasonal HVAC maintenance. We will go over the procedures you need to carry out seasonally to ensure that your system will work efficiently throughout the year.

When Should You Schedule Pre-Season Maintenance?

Pre-season HVAC inspections can help you uncover rust, leaks, and corroded electrical connections in your unit that may result in bigger equipment failures if you don’t address them right away. It serves as a preventive maintenance procedure that will guard your system against unexpected failures that may cost a lot down the road.
It’s advisable to plan your seasonal maintenance just before peak service call times because HVAC specialists tend to get quite busy when summer temperatures are at an all-time high or bone-chilling weather arrives.

What Does Seasonal HVAC Maintenance Include?

It’s worth noting that tasks like checking leaks in the refrigerant lines and replacing air filters should be performed many times a year, but there are a few tasks that only need to be done seasonally.
Depending on your agreement with your HVAC maintenance service specialist, they may carry out a complete system inspection that also includes cleaning of the equipment and its components. Remember to discuss what you’re getting in the season maintenance package with your technician beforehand.
In the summer, you need to turn off the water supply to the furnace humidifier and make sure the area around your air conditioning system is clear.During spring, you need to start getting your system ready for warmer weather to avoid last-minute checkups.
Around fall time, you need to inspect your attic’s insulation and get your heating unit ready for the colder months ahead. It’s also important to check the carbon monoxide detector’s battery during the winter.


Do You Need to Increase Your Manufacturing Productivity?

Review workflow
Manufacturing companies that want to boost their productivity in the workplace can start with pointing out the areas of their workflow that are lacking. As they go over the processes in their business, they should keep several factors in mind such as employees, hardware used by them and the physical action of production. They can also take other variables into consideration including communication level across the workspace and different resources (electricity, raw materials) that are needed to finish tasks.

Make sure that equipment is working properly

It can cost a lot to replace manufacturing equipment, which is the reason why manufacturers should consider maintenance as their top concern, especially in terms of manufacturing productivity. Loans for business equipment can help a lot in covering such expenses however, it is important to keep machines working at full capacity and to have employees that are competent in operating these machines. If they do not know how to troubleshoot for bugs or recalibrate the equipment, it will be more difficult to improve productivity in manufacturing.

Continue to train employees

It is useless for a manufacturing company to have the latest trends in technology if their employees have not been trained to operate them. Considering that technology changes at a very fast rate, they need to invest in their workers’ continuous education and training, which is critical for manufacturing productivity. This technique can be added to their strategy to overcome labor shortages in manufacturing.

Remove unused machinery

Maintaining even a small number of machinery that are not being used can reduce manufacturing productivity. Aside from creating clutter, it lets the company spend more on maintaining equipment that does not make any profit, which should be avoided. They should get rid of useless parts, tools and machines as well as think about equipment leasing or equipment loans so that obsolete machinery will not be left hanging around later on.

Optimize the floor plan

Obviously, optimizing the floor plan is one of the best way to improve the manufacturing process. They can look into the layout of their floor plan to guarantee ultimate workshop efficiency. When they organize tools, equipment and materials the proper way, they will improve marketing productivity as well as keep the workplace safe for employees to work.

Be smart when it comes to stocking up on inventory

While manufacturers should have a steady resupply of inventory to meet the demands of production but there should be a healthy balance. Maintaining too much stock can cost a lot to store and hurt their net profits. They should implement right pricing to help maintain that balance.


The Contextual Analysis of Social Media in Uganda

Around the world, the use of social media became a tool of ‘insecurity’ and for creating social change, leading to peace. Much of the impact was felt in the Arab world, and somewhat in the west, triggered by social economic discontent and maladministration.

Apart from North Africa, the rest of the continent was not affected. It is yet to experience hostile political activism from its (social media) use. When the conditions for war became ripe, social media aided revolts against regimes.

The general use of social media websites in Uganda by mostly young, curious, and adventurous people in universities and well-to-do homes started in 2006. The earliest site to offer and popularize social networking services was It was famous for its highly graphic and eye-catching features. The insurrection of was a year later.

The blocking of from access by university students provided the Facebook service provider monopoly over the market, as there was no other option for young people to start online relationships and share what was on their minds.

When came into being, it spread like wild fire, so much that no one escaped. Now it is the most used social media by far in the world; all universities, corporate bodies, service organizations, and most Ugandans access internet, with greater use of Facebook.

Hardly do staffs of organizations and companies spend a single day without checking in for chats, getting to know the minds of other people, and starting new relationships. In fact, to most users, visiting the site is a priority, despite having highly engaging schedules at work places.


PR Agencies and Social Media: 4 Tips to Power Social Brand Building

The Importance of Social Media for Public Relations

PR professionals today are using social media to either supplement or add to their existing strategies, signaling an evolution in the role of PR over the last few years. Public relations specialists were among the first few to understand the power of social media, making them leaders in the social space. Along with handling website content, more and more PR pros are responsible for their company’s and clients’ social media presence. The gradual shift towards, what industry experts call ‘the social media release’, indicates how the traditional long form press release is changing. According to David McCulloch, director of public relations at Cisco Systems, “The press release of the future will deliver its content in text, video, SMS, microblog and podcast form, to any choice of device, whenever the reader decides, and preferably it will be pre-corroborated and openly rated by multiple trusted sources.”

eMarketer expects PR as well as ad agencies to witness an increase in their social media revenue in 2011. Findings from a joint study by the Transworld Advertising Agency Network and Worldcom Public Relations Group show:

• In 2010, 28% PR firms said that between 15-33% of their revenue came from social media.
• This number has grown by 44% in 2011.


Online Shoppers Zap Killer Asteroid

Want to save the earth from global warming?

Go green.

Go online shopping.

A recent scientific study has shown that based on a comparison with hopping in the car to go to the mall, shopping online results in a net decrease of fossil fuel use by the average consumer.

And with the skyrocketing cost of gasoline, it makes even more sense to do your bit for Mother Earth while also saving your hard earned and ever diminishing cash, now doesn’t it?

Another scientific study shows that the collective will of online shoppers can knock down a killer asteroid on a collision course with our planet.

Okay, I’m just kidding about the asteroid. We’ll let NASA handle that. Or maybe the guy I met one day in my previous incarnation as a mild mannered reporter with a great metropolitan newspaper. (I actually worked at the paper that was the model for the Daily Planet in the Superman comic strip, no kidding.)


Holiday Shopping Tips – 12 Tips For Surviving the Coming Shopping Season

1. Make a list of the whom you need to buy for, as well as what stores you want to go to: Just being organized will go a long way in keeping you sane. You will be able to make a trip to each store once and make fast decisions when you get there. This will cut down on your shopping time drastically.

2. Shop online or my mail catalog: In today’s economy, one can buy all of their gifts for everyone without even leaving their home. Many companies will even wrap your gift for you as well include a personalized card- talk about convenience. With the internet, there is now no shortage of obscure or hard to find gifts available as well.

3. Stock up on the little things early: Buy your wrapping paper, tape and ribbon now while the selection is wide. In this way, you can save time by avoiding the lines only to purchase a couple of “small things.” You will also probably be able to find that perfect wrapping paper print that is just right for little Tommy.

4.Call ahead of time if you will need special assistance: Many stores hire a bunch of seasonal workers during the holiday season who do not know the inns and outs of their position. They may have a sketchy knowledge of the products their employer carries, let alone where to find them. So, it is best to call ahead and make an appointment with someone if you will need special assistance in finding an item or instructions on how to use it.

5. Prepare your grocery list for the “big” meal ahead of time: In this way, you can shop the sto