Is GPS Fleet Management Something You Need?

There is a range of different ways that small to large sized trucking companies stay in touch with their drivers and their rigs. One of the most common options, especially today, is the use of cell phones. While cell phone connectivity and signal is fairly good across much of the United States there are still some areas with very poor coverage or no signal at all.

However, there is another consideration with cell phones. Drivers may choose not to answer or, in some cases, may provide incorrect or inaccurate information about their route, their location or their driving and stop time. This could include unscheduled stops along a route or being held for long periods of time when loading or unloading.

Having the ability to immediately know where you truck is and what is going on with the vehicle is a great feature and one that is surprisingly low cost. Different companies offer different options including permanently mounted GPS systems or portable units that are perfect for smaller companies with only part time drivers or a few trucks on the road.

Truck fleet GPS management systems are not just about checking up on drivers, they are also about providing accurate information to clients and customers, getting loads for drivers in an efficient way based on their exact location as well as helping to keep your insurance rates down.

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