The Low Down on Lash Extensions

If you’ve ever heard of lash extensions, I am sure you have many questions. What are they, how do they actually work and how would you go about getting them done?

Well, that’s where I come in. I am going to answer all of those questions.

Question 1 – What are they?

Lash extensions are just that, an extension adhered to your natural lash with a special bond that adds length and volume to your natural lash.

Question 2 – How do they work?

Lash extensions are applied individually or with clusters to your natural lash line with a special long term bonding glue. They are applied to add either length, volume or both. The glue used is a special solution that will last for a very long time when care for properly.

Question 3 – Why would I want them?

Lash extensions are chosen for many different reasons. Some women choose to have them applied prior to a vacation and don’t want to waste their time applying and reapplying mascara or risking it streaking.

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